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This CANNOT be a wig!

Posted on January 12, 2013 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

027Wigs are not what they use to be.  They're BETTER!!  Gone are the days of heavy, thick hot wigs.  At least at Love For Locks In-Home Wig Service.  I am very particular as to what manufacturer's will work for me.   I don't want our wigs or hair extensions to look anything like a wig. 
So many manufacturer's tend to put too much hair in to their wigs.  This gives that "wiggy" appearance we all can recognize at first glance.  When you first try on a wig from our collection, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Even our synthetic wigs are made with the finest synthetic fibers, giving them the appearance of human hair.  Our human hair wigs and extensions are also of the highest quality.  We use only 100% Remy Human Hair. You can see for yourself in these photos that you could not tell our model was even wearing a wig. 
100% hand tied monofilament top of synthetic or human hair wig.
Look closely at the scalp .  It's unbelievable that this could be anything but your own hair.  The caps (inside of wig) are so cool and comfortable, even for total hair loss women.  Each hair is individually hand tied to the inside of the cap to give the appearance of hair growing from your scalp.
Lace front hair line of wig. Now look closely at the hairline.  Go ahead, look as close as you can.   Aside form the sheer lace of the front hairline (before it's cut to fit the shape of your own) in this photo you would probably not believe that this photo is of an actual wig. 
Our model below is demonstrating how closely we can match the shade and style of your own hair.  Many of our clients know in advance that they will be losing their hair, in cases of upcoming chemotherapy treatments.  We feel it's best to schedule in advance before your hair loss, so we can get the best idea of your style.  A photo also works for us.
Hair color of wig that is a match for models. 100% Remy Human Hair that most closely matches clients.