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What makes Love For Locks In-Home Wig Service a "Service"

Posted on May 21, 2013 at 4:05 PM

"What Makes Love For Locks In-Home Wig Service a "Service"
and defination of Cost
Now more than ever, we value our hard earned money.  If you are faced with having to look into any type of hair replacement, such as a wig, you can end up with less hair once you begin to explore all that's out there. 
Here's a little common scenerio of what your first experience may be:
........Your first thought may be on-line, as you pull up the many thousands of wigs that appear within your search.  You may spend hours and even days trying to find something that even closely resembles your own natural hair.  Next task is choosing a color - how hard can that be looking on a monitor?  The price seems right, you punch in your credit card #, and wait for the little box to be delivered.
The long awaited day has arrived!  You excitedly open the box... and there lays something that half resembles a long lost pet.  Once you get the nerve to touch it, you decide it may look better once it's on your head.  Once on, you approach the mirror envisioning this beautiful wig as it had looked on that lovely model from the Internet. Tears begin to flow, and it's back in that pretty little box it came from, never again to see the light of day, and definitely not your head.
This is the all to common scenerio of on Internet wig purchase, or even from a salon that may have access to wigs.  The lack of knowledge and uncaring customer service is just as bad as if you were to order on line. 
I have been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1984.  I have been specializing in the wig business for nearly 10  years now.  I made the same costly mistakes that any one would make when I shopped with my mom for a wig 7 years ago, as she underwent chemotherapy. 
When I started my business in 2007, I wanted to be the one who made all the mistakes, so no one else would have to go through them.  I now have the knowledge and education that I can offer when you chose my wig service, saving you all the costly mistakes. 
The most important thing I want customers to know about my service, is that in the end, you are NOT just paying for a wig, but the cost of my service to you is also included in that price. Sure you can buy a wig on line for less, but I also have to charge for my services beyond the wig alone.   So if I'm asked, "how much do you charge?" Or "how much are your wigs?". and I answer, "the average cost of the synthetic wig package is $550.00", I don't mean that the "individual wig" is that price.  I have to stress that the total price of  $550.00 is for the wig, the wig "kit" (shampoo, conditioner, wig stand, brush ) and my "service" to you.  The price difference from ordering on line and making the mistakes as the scenerio above, is what I have to charge to make this service unique. 
What is My “Service”?
This is the time, labor, convenience, knowledge, shipping fees, transportation fees, etc. that is figured into the total cost. 
First you are working with a Licensed Cosmetologist, with over 30 years in the industry, and nearly 10 years of service in the community providing the highest quality hair products with a very personalized approach.  I am recommended by many Medical Facilities, and I am on the preferred providers list of the National Cancers Society registrar. 
Through the years I have had to learn some hard lessons with regard to the various suppliers and the different levels of quality that is available in the industry. I can not begin to tell you how many Hair Products I have either sent back, or discarded due to poor product design, faulty materials, uncomfortable fit, poor hair color, the list goes on and on.  Surprisingly it was very difficult to find excellent hair product providers that would meet my quality standards,  and I feel very blessed to have a select few, as they were surprisingly hard to find due to the exclusivity of their products, and the clients they serve.  So with many years of personal experience I have acquired a lot of product experience that I can pass on to you, as my client, saving you a lot of unnecessary cost and expense.
I spend many hours researching my product inventory, and supplier catalogs, trying to best match my clients desired hair color, style, and size to select a hair product that in many cases far exceeds my Clients expectations. You are not just buying a Wig, you are receiving a personalized hand selected product that will far exceed anything you could possibly acquire through an Internet purchase, or walking into a retail wig store,  without making costly mistakes, and ending up with a product that very likely will not meet your expectations. This is a "service" that has to reflect in the price of my overall total.  Otherwise I would gladly charge for the "wigs only" if I chose to sell on line or even in a retail store. My service offers the convenience, one on one customer service, and knowledge that even they cannot offer.  Believe me I love this process, and am always excited to present my product selections to my clients, but my overall price has to reflect this as well.
As you are aware my business is a Mobil business, I come to the privacy of your home or selected meeting place. I will never rush my clients during their consultation, this is what sets my unique business apart from those that do not offer this personal one on one attention.
How much will my WIG Cost?
The total cost includes not only the wig, but my specialized “Services” is also included.  A description of my “Services” is explained below.    I did not start my business as a high volume e commerce site for a reason, as it is counter productive to the personal business model that I have worked so hard to establish, otherwise I would be no different than the many Internet and retail outlets looking for high volume sales, in many cases offering poor product quality, with little regards to the satisfaction of the customers shopping experience.  I believe that the proper selection of Hair Products of this nature needs the care and attention of a caring professional as myself. 
 Below I have listed a general cost outline for your convenience:
Total Cost “Includes” 
highest quality Wig
"Service" (that you would not get by ordering a wig on line or elsewhere) which includes:
Measuring for proper fit

Product selection which has been carefully chosen for what best fits your own hair description
Customizing  (trimming, thinning, styling) if needed at time of purchase
Care Kit (needed for synthetic care) which includes, Shampoo, Conditioner,Wig Brush and Wig Stand
Written care instructions
Shipping Costs
Mileage and transportation fees to come to you

Highest Quality Synthetic Wig +Service
The cost will be between $500 to $550 depending on Hair Product Selected.
Highest Quality 100% Remy Human Hair Wig + Service
The cost ranges from $900.00 and up depending on hair length and density.
With all this said, I hope this helps to outline the costs of my service when asked, “How much are your "wigs"?”

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