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In-Home Wig Service

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It's impossible to show all the styles of wigs, so these are just a sample.  All our synthetic wigs are made from the highest-quality synthetic fibers, giving the look closest to human hair. We carry only 100% Grade A highest quality Human Hair as well and are available in the most sought after salon-quality colors. Our inner caps are light weight, comfortable and cool. Only you will know you are wearing one. No wig should ever look "wiggy".  People will ask "who does your hair?" 

For a '"personalized" style send a photo to us of yourself or a style you want to look like and we will use our years of experience to find your style so no one will ever know your wearing anything other that your own hair!

PLEASE NOTE: A client's privacy is of our utmost concern, to protect the privacy of our clients we use mannequin's as our models. We will never use a personal photo unless a release of photo agreement is signed.